Simpang Renggam District Council Logo


This logo design is based on a combination of Geometric diagrams that give 'strength and value' in symbolizing

  • Stability
  • Efficiency
  • Performance

1. Crown - The sign of the sovereignty of His Royal Highness the Sultan who ruled the state of Johor.

2. Two Tails - Symbolize courage and strength.

3. Diversion Circle - Red share symbolizes the Malay heritage weapon (keris).

4. Motto 'Maju Jaya' - This slogan is taken from the abbreviations of Simpang Renggam District Council functions. It is to show the results of the business carried out from the aforementioned purposes.

5. Circle which Includes Figures - Symbolizes the functions of the Simpang Renggam District Council which are autonomous financial and expenditure aimed at enhancing the socio-economic status of the people.

6. Figure Gear - Symbol of technology, this means that whatever is planned is based on technological well-being.

7. Bunga Raya - Bunga Raya or Bunga Kebangsaaan Malaysia this symbolizes National Unity. This flower is also a symbol of harmony.

8. Book - Efficient administration symbol. The book is a building of knowledge, unity, legislation and others which is the key to administrative efficiency.

9. Building Figure - Illustrates the development of housing, business and enterprise.

10. Figure Two Leaf Petals - Illustrate healthy social growth and lead to the achievement of ideals for cleanliness, beautification of the city and its surroundings for common good.

Cogankata 'Maju Jaya' - This Cogankata script is taken from the abbreviation of Simpang Renggam District Council functions to show the results of the business carried out from the above mentioned purposes.

Colors - The identity of the Johor state is enshrined in the colors available from the Johor State flag